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FontePuro Sunflower Oil is a minimally processed, from Non-GMO high-oleic sunflowers grown sustainably, without use of chemicals, in the Hudson Valley on our family owned farm.

Once harvested, we are simply pressing the oil at room temperature from the seeds, filtering and bottling it.

Pressing the oil at room temperature allows to preserve the nutrients, antioxidants, color, aroma, and taste of the sunflowers. The oil is pure, unrefined and untreated - “As the Nature gave us”

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100% natural 100%
Vegan Vegan
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How our Cold-pressed FontePuro oils compare to conventional, highly processed oils
Our cold pressed oil
Highly Processed oils
  • Seed & Framing
  • • Non-GMO, untreated seeds
    • No pesticides, herbicides applied in farming
  • • Mostly Genetically Engineered seeds
    • Wide usage of glyphosate in farming for weed control
  • Pressing
  • • Cold pressed at room temperate
  • • Seeds heated up to 200 F
    • Pressed & washed with Hexane
  • Refining & Bleaching
  • • No
  • • Refined, using soda-lye, phosphoric acid
    • Pressed through acid activated bleaching clay
  • Deodorizing
  • • No
  • • Heated up to 400 F, creating unhealthy 3-MPCD compounds
  • Origin
  • • Local, from the Hudson Valley
  • • Midwest, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine
  • How our high-oleic sunflower oil compares to other oils

    • High level of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (80+%), like Extra Virgin Olive Oils

    o Provides excellent stability and long shelf-life

    o High Smoke Point, (325F) Suitable for cooking / baking

    • Rich in antioxidants, especially in Vitamin E

    • Might appear “fuzzy” due to natural sediments and waxes

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